Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Top 5 Hybrid Energy News

The July edition of our “Top 5 Hybrid Energy News” includes a cutting-edge water-treatment project, a large-scale community project, a major acquisition, a hybrid energy system for a hospital, and a support scheme. It features Water Mission, Poul Due Jensen Foundation, Power and Water Corporation, Conergy, BMD, Aggreko, Younicos, UOSSM, and ADB. The July edition covers news from Tanzania, Australia, UK, Germany, Syria, and the Pacific region.

Top 1

1.2 MW Solar PV for Water treatment project in Tanzania - Funded by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation

The solar power plant will be part of a water project at refugee settlements in Western Tanzania. This is one of the largest solar-powered, safe-water treatment project in the world.

The project is managed by Water Mission and funded by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation. The aim of the initiative is to pump 100 percent of the water using solar power, with diesel generators as backup. According to Water Mission estimates, the cost of the project will be recovered in about nine years by ending the expenses for the diesel generators. An additional USD 1.3 million (EUR 1.2m) will be saved over the following 15 years.

Top 2

Australian Aboriginal Community to Cut Reliance on Diesel with 1MW Solar Plant

A remote Aboriginal community south of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory will soon be powered mostly by solar energy. A solar-diesel hybrid plant will be built as part of the Territory government’s SETuP program. The Daly River project will include a 1-MW solar array, that is expected to provide 100 percent of the local Nauiyu community’s energy needs during the day, relegating the diesel generators for use only at night and as back-up. Nauiyu is one of the first communities to be chosen for the program — which is being rolled out by local utility Power and Water Corporation. The project will be built by German-based Conergy and Queensland-based BMD Constructions.
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Top 3

Aggreko Buys Energy Storage Company Younicos for £40 Million

Younicos offers modular and scalable smart energy storage and has over 200 MW of installed storage systems, with a project pipeline across both developed and emerging markets. The acquisition is a part of Aggreko’s strategy to adapt to markets that decarbonize, decentralize and become more digital.

Dan Ibbetson, Group Business Development Director, Aggreko, comments: “Solar-diesel hybrid projects are ideal for incorporating storage, providing power at a lower fuel and environmental cost. There are many possible applications and mines could certainly benefit. Individual customers will have to weigh up the various elements — environmental, cost and viability of the project over time — to implement the optimum power plan.”

Top 4

On-site Solar Project for Hospital in Syria

The pilot solar project, located at a hospital which was not identified for safety reasons, is expected to save more than 7000 liters of diesel per month, around 20-30 per cent of the hospital’s energy costs. The 127 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) project was installed by the Syria Solar Initiative of French medical charity the Union of Medical Care and Relief Organizations (UOSSM). The installation also features battery with a capacity of 720 kWh. UOSSM plans to install five more PV systems at vulnerable Syrian hospitals and is seeking funding partners for these projects. The charity said it aims to eventually provide power for all Syrian hospitals.

Top 5

ADB Supporting Clean Energy Schemes in the Pacific Region

Manila-based bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is partnering with governments, communities and the private sector to support clean energy projects in the Pacific region. The program covers amongst other the Cook Islands, the Solomon Islands, and Micronesia. Solar-diesel hybrid and energy storage play an important role.

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